Volunteer of the Month - Pam Poulin

Pamela Poulin, who serves the Gage Foundation as a volunteer and docent, decided over a year ago that there should be an Historic Roadside Marker at the site of Matilda Joslyn Gage’s childhood home in Cicero, NY.  Discovering that the state no longer issued such signs, she went in search of a possible grant and found that the William G. Pomeroy Foundation awards grants for just this purpose. Pam oversaw the preparation of the grant application and received it on behalf of the Town of Cicero. She then organized an official “Unveiling” ceremony, which took place on Sunday.

Pam Poulin

Pam Poulin

Pam prepared the publicity and the event, with over 50 people in attendance, was covered by Channel 9. The celebration was hosted by Pam portraying Matilda, with music (even two trumpet fanfares and two Sousa Marches), and words from local and state dignitaries and our Executive Director. Paula Miller, The Pomeroy Foundation Executive Director stated that this marker was the first of over 100 historic roadside markers funded since 2007 (ca. 20-30 a year) that honored a woman! Bill and Sandra Pomeroy, who fund the grants, attended, as well as Mr. Pomeroy said this was also the first marker that had an Unveiling ceremony!

The group adjourned to the nearby Cicero cemetery, where “Taps” was played at the grave site of Matilda’s parents’ grave memorials and Matilda and Henry’s infant son (again organized by Pam).  The reception following at the Cicero Historical Society Museum buildings featured a sing-along (Pam-organized) that included “Our Battle Hymn for Our Suffragists,” written to honor Matilda.

“What do you do at the Gage Center?” my sister asked Pamela at the Grand Opening last October when she greeted folks at the door.  Pam responded, “Anything Sally wants me to!”  My sister then was amazed to see the greeter leading the singing that evening at our Gage concert.  Pam sings at our events.  A soprano soloist and Professor Emerita of Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Conservatory of Music and published author, she earned her Ph.D from the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester.

You may see her working in our yard, cleaning up in the kitchenette, placing items she has brought for sale in the gift shop, or at her computer coming up with the multitude of ideas she generates to enhance our museum almost daily.  AND when she’s not with us, Pam interprets Victorian times at Lorenzo in Cazenovia and the 1814 Regency period at the Bement-Billings Living History Museum in Newark Valley.  Please disregard the rumors rampant that Pamela has cloned herself.  The truth is she does this all by herself.  And so we honor her as our Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation Volunteer of the Month.

Thank you, Pam, for all your many gifts to Matilda!

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