Dialogue Trailblazers

 “Gutsy.” That’s what the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience called us when they awarded us a grant to create what is probably the country’s first museum dialogue on the issue of reproductive choice.  We want to replace the angry name-calling that polarizes the issue with a thoughtful and respectful hearing of each other across our differences.  Exploring together the complexity of the question, “who should choose whether or not a woman births?” participants from a wide range of perspectives will have an opportunity to share their own personal feelings and experiences impacting their beliefs while exploring possible common grounds.

We’ve trained a diverse group of facilitators (including an attorney, an Episcopal priest and a Catholic hairdresser) who will be holding practice sessions this fall in preparation for a launch of the program in January.  Watch our website for dialogue dates.  Also The Journal of Museum Studies will have an article on the project in the upcoming issue.

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