We Made the NY Times!

Today is International Woman’s Day and it is also the day a terribly sexist film, Oz: the Great and Powerful is released. In the crazy mix of things, we end up benefiting from both. Note the reference to Gage in the NY Times review of the film, and the link to our website. http://movies.nytimes.com/2013/03/08/movies/oz-the-great-and-powerful-starring-james-franco.html

The Nation mentions Gage’s influence at: http://www.thenation.com/blog/173263/what-oz-owes-early-radical-feminism

Check out Jezebel’s review at: http://jezebel.com/5989268/why-oz-the-great-and-powerful-is-a-major-step-back-for-witches-and-women

Gage is all over the place!

On the state level, our Director, Sally Roesch Wagner, was interviewed March 4 by Assemblyman Al Stirpe for Women’s History Month.  Locally, Dr. Wagner was on WAER March 8 interviewed by Jeremiah Thompson, visiting about Gage in a larger transnational context of women’s rights and how she can help us address persistent gender inequality at home and around the world in the 21st-century. Tune in on the website, http://werw.syr.edu/.


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