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Due to inclement weather, we will be closed on Wednesday, January 13th. We will reopen on Thursday, January 14th at 11am.


Why I'm a Girl Ambassador

amelia gaNow that we’re at the midpoint of this year’s Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights program, we think it’s time for you to hear from our participants. Amelia Johnson, a senior at Liverpool High School, has returned to the program this year as a mentor. Below is a reflection she wrote about her experiences with Girl Ambassadors.

“I joined the Girl Ambassadors program during my junior year. My passion for women’s rights began when I joined the robotics team freshman year; dealing with adversity in STEM fields is a problem many women are facing today, including myself at the high school level. I wanted a place where I could talk with others who shared these challenges. Others who could encourage me and I could, in turn, encourage them. I wanted a place where I could affect change. This place for me became Matilda Joslyn Gage’s home. The Girl Ambassadors program welcomed me and taught me a lot my first year. I learned the rules of dialogue, and how to project my opinion without dismissing those of others. I learned about many more issues that women in the United States and abroad are facing today, beyond adversity in STEM. So many of the things I have learned from the Girl Ambassadors program are applicable in my everyday life. I have been encouraged to persevere in STEM; I am now the president of my school’s robotics team, and plan on attending college as an engineering major. When we were in Washington, DC, some of the NGO speakers shared ways in which we can pursue careers in human rights. They pointed out that these organizations hire more than just public policy and international relations graduates. They need people with all sorts of skills, such as accounting, graphic design, and even engineering. Because of the trip, I know that it’s possible to combine engineering and human rights work in my future career.

I am fortunate to return to Girl Ambassadors this year as a mentor. Not only am I now able to help the new ambassadors learn what I have learned from the program, I have the chance to practice my own leadership skills. We continue to forge new territory, both for this year’s Girl Ambassadors and those for years to come. This year, we are incorporating community service into our program in order to serve other humans (as the Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights). In addition, we are adding a public speaking component to the program. An ambassador for any cause needs to be able to voice her thoughts. This year we as mentors will continue to be ever more involved with the Gage Foundation, and look forward to encouraging each new Girl Ambassador, and all young women, to find her voice.”

– Amelia Johnson, GA Class of 2015

Holiday Hours

Please note, the Gage Museum will be closed to walk-ins between December 24th and January 6th. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please email us at foundation@matildajoslyngage.org.


Gage Receives National Coverage

12039391_838154746302348_675182883786590522_n C-SPAN Cities aired special coverage of Central  New York’s rich history on the weekend of  November 21st, 2015. This coverage included a  lengthy feature on Matilda Joslyn Gage,  including extensive interviews with Sarah Flick, the  Site Director, and Dave Kellogg, a board member.  Tara Matthie, a student at Keuka College and  intern at the Gage Center, reflects on the video:

“…I think the statement that really sums up the whole feature is,“If she believes in a cause then she acted on that belief no matter the cost.” One of the main focuses of the interview and tour was on Matilda’s courage to stand up for what she believed in. Even though people tried to silence her, she kept speaking out, because she believed in what she was saying.
Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Matilda Gage, which is sadly typical of most people – even those who USAWstanton2live close to the house! The big question that I and nearly all our visitors inevitably ask is, “why hadn’t I learned about this courageous woman at school?” Simply put, it was because of that same courage. She was steadfast in her beliefs, and refused to make compromises that she believed would be detrimental to the movement. This video gives a great overview of her start, a handful of the obstacles she faced, some of her accomplishments and why we know so little of her. Everyone should watch it!”

Click here to watch the video.

#ShopLocal at Gage Gifts

mugWe’ve updated our gift shop just in time for the holiday season! Visit the house during our extended holiday hours and check out our selection of new inventory. Embrace and share your inner Matilda with our carefully curated selection of gift items, including:
– Tote Bagspower sweatshirt1
– Mugs
– Sweatshirts
– Holiday note cards
– Pins & Magnets
– Feminist Coloring Books

Holiday Hours:

11am – 6pm Tuesday – Friday
10am – 2pm Saturday

And now, you can shop our new inventory directly through Facebook! The checkout process is much smoother, and we can either ship to you or hold the items at the museum.


Thank you to the CNY Community Foundation for making our gift shop renovation possible!

There's still time!

donThis auction gala at the Wellington House is just a few days away, but there’s still time to purchase tickets! Below is a list of some of this year’s auction items, available exclusively at this event.  RSVP now!

  • Chef’s Table for 8 with wine pairings
  • Live Your Best Life!: 6 life-coaching sessions
  • Feminism & Football: Dinner at the Genesee Grande with Don McPherson
  • Gage Experience: custom tour and gift shop items
  • Museum Hopper: A collection of family memberships to area museums
  • Shaken, Not Stirred: A unique basket containing locally-sourced wine and spirits
  • and many more!


Visitor Spotlight: Ordain Women

MatildaJoslynGage5Sometimes tours have as much an impression on us as they do on our guests. So it was with Ordain Women, an organization dedicated to achieving gender equality within the Mormon Church. “Some ask, ‘Why is Ordain Women so important? What’s so important focusing on the religious end of things?’ But if you don’t overcome that problem of having men and women seen as unequal spiritually, you never really get to the point where you can make progress.”

Ten of their members embarked on a trip through Upstate New York in an effort to learn more about American feminism, the abolishment of slavery, and early Mormonism. Along the way they stopped at the Susan B Anthony House, Harriet Tubman House, Seneca Falls, the Tenement Museum (NYC), and, of course, the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center. After learning about Susan B. Anthony at multiple sites, one woman remarked, “It seems like all of her friends were frenemies. She was a 19th century diva!” Regarding Gage, we heard an all-too-familiar refrain: Most had never heard of her, and were blown away by what they learned. “She was the queen of intersectionality, and was acutely aware of the suffering of others.” Rarely have we had the opportunity to host such an informed and inspired group of people. Throughout the tour they drew many parallels between Gage’s world and the current status of women in the Church of Latter Day Saints. And their favorite Gage quote?

“It is not religion that has opposed woman suffrage, because true religion believes in undoing the heavy burdens and letting the oppressed go free. But from the Church and from theology this reform has met opposition at every step.”

To listen to a podcast about the trip, go here and click US Women’s History Tour.

About Ordain Women:

Ordain Women believes women must be ordained in order for our faith to reflect the equity and expansiveness of (its) teachings…Based on the principle of thoughtful, faith-affirming strategic action, Ordain Women aspires to create a space for Mormon women to articulate issues of gender inequality they may be hesitant to raise alone. As a group we intend to put ourselves in the public eye and call attention to the need for the ordination of Mormon women to the priesthood.”
MJG6Why? Unlike many other religions, ALL males over the age of 12 are able to be ordained to the priesthood in the LDS/Mormon faith. The priesthood is both used in practices of spirituality like blessings and is also an organizational and administrative authority to carry out functioning of the worldwide church and the functions of local congregations. No women in the LDS church are permitted to be ordained to the priesthood and therefore are left out of being able to administer many spiritual practices such as providing blessings, and are unable to participate in leadership and administrative roles over men & women.

MatildaJoslynGage4Ordain Women’s theme for this year has been to, “Honor our Past, Envision our Future”. We decided to embark on a women’s history tour to learn about and honor parts of our history and we found that there is a wealth of history in upstate NY that was of particular interest to our group. We visited many sites of women from the suffragette & abolition movements. Mormonism was also founded upstate in Palmyra, New York. This information gave us a good historical foundation of some of the women’s movements and provided some perspective and context for some of the work we do today in continuing to further equality in our faith tradition.

Gathering for Gage

Our annual event at the Wellington House is back! Join us on Sunday, November 8th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm for a celebration of the Gage Center and Founding Director Sally Roesch Wagner’s Gage 2.0. For details, click here or watch our Facebook page for updates. 


Women On The Money

Hold a piece of history in your hands! 293b Obv Neapolis Parthenope300 (1)

The Gage Center is excited to present “Women on the Money,” a unique look at women’s history through the lens of ancient currencies. While the idea of a woman on modern US currency has been met with controversy, ancient societies granted this honor to a host of fascinating women. From Cleopatra to the (now) little known wives of emperors, each influential woman remains an enduring symbol of her society. Discover what a simple piece of currency can tell us about the woman it features and the civilization in which she lived.

A hands-on show-and-tell, as well as a discussion of the #womenon20s campaign, will follow the presentation. Eight ancient coins will be featured.

Thursday, October 22nd


$10/$8 students

For a full list of upcoming Gage events, click here11951416_827102640740892_5393209530826151519_o

C-SPAN Cities

12039391_838154746302348_675182883786590522_nThe Matilda Joslyn Gage Museum is one of a select group of local historic sites to be profiled by C-SPAN for national broadcast. We are proud to represent the rich history of Central New York alongside the Erie Canal Museum, Jerry Rescue Memorial, Salt Museum, and Harriet Tubman House. Filming at the house took place on Monday, September 20th and included interviews with docent and board member Dave Kellogg and Site Director Sarah Flick. Be sure to tune in this November to see the final product!

About C-SPAN Cities:

C-SPAN’s 2015 Cities Tour takes the Book TV and American History TV (AHTV) programming on the road. They travel to selected cities to feature the history and literary life of each community. They choose cities that are rich with history and have interesting local literary communities, but are not often featured on the national scene.

cities-tour.444.200“With our visit to each, we hope to bring a little of their heritage to our nationwide audience. Working with our cable partners, Time Warner Cable, our producers will take our specially outfitted Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) into these selected cities, visiting various literary and historic sites, as we interview local historians, authors and civic leaders. Equipped to shoot and produce on location, we’ll also meet with students, teachers, and local leaders to talk about the work we do for C-SPAN and our efforts in the community.”

Syracuse programming will air throughout the weekend of November 21-22. The history segments will air on American History TV (AHTV) on C-SPAN3 and the literary events/non-fiction author segments will air on BookTV on C-SPAN2. In addition, there will be special Syracuse programming blocks: C-SPAN2 BookTV BLOCK: SATURDAY, November 21st at TBD ET and C-SPAN3 American History TV (AHTV) BLOCK: SUNDAY, November 22nd at 2pm ET.

Join us for Mulch Madness

Help! The weeds are taking over our garden– stop them before it’s too late!

The weeds were taking over.

IMG_3136 (2) (2)

August 2015

Through the efforts of our new garden coordinator, Darlene Endy, we have taken out the giant thistles and gout weed.

IMG_3160 (3)

September 2015

Now we have a brief window to cover with mulch so they don’t come back again.

Join us to on October 10 from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

Refreshments Provided

You can help:

  • Distribute the mound of mulch
  • Donate or loan tools for our garden use:
    • Shovels
    • Garden carts
    • Pitchforks
    • Used newspapers
  • Remove remaining weeds and grass from beds

As you divide your own perennials and bulbs this fall, think of donating the extra plants to the Gage Center, where they will bring a lot of happiness and signal we are alive and well.

You can RSVP here.

The EnGager: September Newsletter

IMG_1554Our September newsletter is here! Click to read about our upcoming events, new board members, and latest tour highlights.


Open House


Two GA Mentors planning for next year’s program

The Gage Center is hosting a special open house for those interested in learning more about our Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights Program. Staff and former Girl Ambassadors will be on hand to answer questions about both the program and the Gage Foundation as a whole.

Saturday, August 29th

11 AM – 3 PM

This event is free for students and educators. Please RSVP at foundation@matildajoslyngage.org


In the Oz Parlor with Makedonka Trajkovska, Fulbright Fellow

Girl Ambassadors Applications Now Open

Applications for the 2015-2016 Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights program are now available! Click here for program details and to download an application.


Defining Feminism Today

IMG_1525The Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights Program partnered with Women’s Rights National Historical Park for Convention Days in Seneca Falls this month with a two hour panel discussion entitled Defining Feminism Today.  Four Girl Ambassadors, along with several college students from all over the New England area, shared their opinions and experiences in front of a packed Wesleyan Chapel. The discussion was based on the topics originally raised in the Declaration of Sentiments 164 years ago, including education, marriage and family, religion, voting and political participation, and media. The panel followed moving readings of the Declaration of Sentiments and the Declaration of Sentiments for Muslim Women.

Convention Days celebrate Seneca Falls as a center for the advancement of women’s rights and human rights as a whole.  This year’s Convention Days marked the 164th anniversary of the first Women’s Rights convention in Seneca Falls, which took place in 1848.IMG_1517

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Vote for the Gage Center now!

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A Letter From Matilda

Dear Friend,

It’s not often that you receive letters from people who are no longer present in body, but since I am so much with you in spirit I decided to reach out to you directly.  I hope you can find it possible to make a gift to the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation.webmjgborder2color

So much has been happening at my house and in my name! I am so proud of Sally Roesch Wagner and the board for their hard work over the past year to make sure the Gage Center kept going. I would say that I will miss Sally, who has retired to become our founding director, but we of course all know that where she goes, I am also always there.

You see, there is a lot of freedom in being a spirited spirit, for I’m able to be in several places at once. I am with Dave Kellogg as he gives tours and makes my old home come alive once again. At last Saturday’s tour, listening to a Junior Girl Scout quoting my old friend Lucretia Mott, I realized she was standing almost exactly where Lucretia once stood. I eavesdrop on inspirational and provocative dialogue concerning human trafficking (in the Underground Railroad Room) and Native-American rights (in the Haudenosaunee Room.)

I am with the 16 amazing teen women who are the current Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights. I even went along on their spring trip to DC!! Their monthly conversations and mentor interviews are complex and wide ranging. There is nothing that stirs me more than listening as these future leaders explore my ideas and their place in today’s world.

And finally I am with the board as they work so very hard to raise money – for the house, for the Girl Ambassadors, and for my legacy. I watch them writing grants, building the board, developing the gift shop – all to insure my house stays open, my beliefs are honored and my vision is empowered.

Will you help in this effort? Your support not only keeps my beautiful home in Fayetteville open for all to enjoy, but also keeps my voice alive into the future through the “Write on our Walls” campaign and the Girl Ambassadors program.

Thank you for believing in the power of change,

Matilda Joslyn Gage

P.S. I would love to hear about the best and most engaging experience you ever had in connection with my home and my legacy. Sarah Flick, our Site Director, tells me she would be happy to collect these stories if you email her. Thank you again for your support!


To send a tax-deductible donation now, click the PayPal* button below.

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Summer Newsletter

Our summer newsletter is now available! Click here for an interactive version.

Gifford Gives Gage Gift Shop Grant

Special thanks to The Gifford Foundation for their recent funding of the first phase of our proposed gift ship renovation. Our unique combination of human rights, local history, and women’s issues positions us a “one-stop-­shop” for civic minded shoppers. The gift shop is a direct extension of our mission, which is to engage the public on contemporary social justice issues. It is because of the Gifford Foundation’s generous support that we can begin to move forward and truly realize this vision.

For those who have visited the house and have seen our current gift shop, we would love your input on our decor, layout, and stock! Check out our current offerings by visiting our online gift shop.


Adena, an intern from FM

  The Gifford Foundation’s grant will help fund Phase 1 of our proposed Gift Shop renovation.

The Gifford Foundation was established in 1954 as a private foundation serving Syracuse and the surrounding Central New York community.  The Foundation supports individuals and organizations through grants and initiatives that build on community assets and promote positive change in the community.  For further information visit the website at www.giffordfoundation.org.


Girl Scouts Choose Gage

GS wampum

This past month, the Matilda Joslyn Gage House hosted the end-of-year celebration for Girl Scout troop 10586. Through touring the museums exhibits and learning about the history rooted here, the troop was able to earn the “Playing the Past” badge. The badge requires each young girl to research strong women in history and present what they’ve learned, something we were more than happy to facilitate. We were blown away by the depth of research and obvious passion for women’s rights displayed by each of the 10 5th graders. Three of the girls chose to research suffragists, and one member focused specifically on Matilda Joslyn Gage.GS dress

After both parents and girls got an interactive tour of the house, it was the girls’ turn to present! Each group was allotted 15 minutes to convey their interpretation on their respective role models in the woman’s suffrage movement. Their obvious enthusiasm for women’s rights continues the legacy of equality and activism that began in this very house. It is nice to see a new generation step forward, and we hope some of these girl will apply to our Girl Ambassador Program when they’re older!

As with the many other Girl Scout Troops that we’ve hosted this year, it was a true pleasure to share an afternoon of ideas (and snacks!) with Troop 10586. We wish them well as they continue their journey towards embodying the Girl Scout mission of “courage, confidence, and character.”

GS presenting  

Matilda Joslyn Gage Footer